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In Sri Lanka, the Data Center solutions at Electronetcbl offer quality products, professional expertise and high standards. Technology today demands that every business has a high standard for every department that handles information. Unless every part of the facility is working at an optimal level, the business suffers. The choices offered by the people and designs at our firm benefit all of our business, government and private clients.

Our team of highly trained, experienced and motivated professionals offers more than ten years of experience in the industry serving the needs of customers. The functions performed by our group of skilled personnel are top-to-bottom management and product operation for every technological need.

The company not only has the personnel to do the job right, it has the physical structure to make management of fiscal intelligence optimized. For example, a raised floor keeps cabling protected and out of sight. The design of the structure incorporates cooling features to protect delicate equipment from overheating. Power management to protect vital information from surges and outages, as well as a commitment to security is crucial.

Data center solutions have a proven track record of more than a decade. A courteous professional attitude is focused on solving problems. A positive solution for digital issues is the approach promoted by the firm.
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